Muesli with Chocolate for Kids and Adults

Submitted by Misty Applegate on Wed, 04/01/2020 - 05:54
Muesli with Chocolate for Kids and Adults

Muesli has been gaining market share as breakfast cereal as more people become health conscious and they plan to reduce weight. Instead of high calorie cheese sandwiches or other breakfast options, muesli and chocolate granola offer more nutrition and health benefits. As many people (especially kids) would find normal muesli or plain oats as rather boring (or even tasteless) option for breakfast, chocolate muesli and granola have taken over the supermarket shelves.

Considering the rising demand for muesli, many companies have launched new products in this segment. By adding roasted dry fruits and chocolate chips, the boring muesli has become the tasty breakfast option that kids and adults love. If you are looking for low fat solution and create muesli at home, you can also use low-fat cocoa powder.

I have personally seen kids of my friends just eating chocolate muesli as dry and raw (even without milk) as it is crunchy and serves as a healthy snack. However, please check if the muesli you buy is without hydrogenated oils and palm oil. Even in healthy foods segment, there are many big companies that sneak in bad ingredients. So, do make it a point to read the ingredients label.

Some brands highlight amazing ingredients in their products that are healthy and expensive. But, when you actually check the ingredients list, you might find that these featured ingredients (or superfoods) as sometimes even less than 1-2% of the final product.

Many companies have started offering fair-trade chocolate products which is an excellent move considering the fact the farmers and farm labor in South America and some cocoa producing African regions get paid really less (even for organic produce). So, the fair-trade program is doing its part in improving the conditions of workers on these farms. Please do check if you buy a product that has fair-trade logo on it. (this can bring a positive change for the society and the big companies will adopt products with fair-trade certification).